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Andy has been cutting my hair for many years and is the one guy who gets it short, the way I like it.  Amber gives awesome reflexology treatments and massage...So relaxing!.   I wish I could come in more often.

All I can say is I love my hair. I went in looking like a rag a muffin and came out of the salon feeling like a new women. Vince colored, cut, and styled my hair and my hair  looks wonderful. He took his time and walked me through the whole process. I am from  Philadelphia visiting family and just happened to find this wonderful salon on Yelp. If you want a comfortable, relaxed and professional place that really cares about you, the customer, then The Sage Tree Salon and Spa is just what your looking for. Thank you Vince!!!!!

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The Sage Tree provided me a relaxed yet professional atmosphere and a great hair color and cut! 

the Sage Tree

an aveda Lifestyle salon and spa

I love Joselyn at the Sage Tree. I've followed her everywhere. Great haircut and color!



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The Sage Tree traces its roots to 1999 and to a team of stylists that wanted to bring passion and a family atmosphere to the cosmetology industry.  A shared love of downtown Des Moines, and the common desire to offer indulgent services along with the utmost in quality to its guests, while remaining competitively priced, brought together a group of stylists ranging from their 20’s to 60’s and thus was born, the Sage Tree Salon.  A short while after opening, the salon was approached by the Aveda Corporation, which shared the Sage Tree’s ideals and philosophies, and then became an exclusive Aveda Lifestyle Salon.  In January of 2003, the Sage Tree was purchased by James and Lucy Tuttle, who, with their shared experience of the industry and business, began growing and expanding the business further.  The Johnston location was built and opened in 2005, and was followed by the Altoona location shortly thereafter.  Currently the Sage Tree, an AVEDA Lifestyle Salon and Spa, has two locations, Downtown and Altoona.

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